High Sheriff Gin

High Sheriff Gin

Alc 42.5% Vol.

There have been High Sheriffs for at least 1,000 years. The original ‘Shire Reeves’ were Royal officers appointed to enforce the Monarch’s interests in a County, in particular the collection of revenues and the enforcement of law and order. The Office of High Sheriff is now an independent non-political Royal appointment, and its role can be summarised as follows:

– To uphold and enhance the ancient Office of High Sheriff.

– To lend active support to the Royal Family, the Judiciary, the Police, the emergency services, local authorities and all recognised church and faith groups and support and promote voluntary organisations.

– To offer hospitality and ensure the welfare of visiting High Court Judges.

– To support the Lord-Lieutenant on royal visits and other appropriate occasions.

29 UK units.
Alc 42.5% Vol.

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