Parties & Tours

Create your own blend in a private party or immerse yourself in a distillery tour.

Private Parties with Nelson’s Gin & Vodka

Looking to host a drinking event with those dearest to you, or people you would simply like to get to know better? What better way to bring them all in one place than with Nelson’s delicious gins and vodkas!

The mixing possibilities are endless. Get to know each other through shared and contrasting drink preferences. Together, you can experiment with, discover and re-invent flavours!

We like to keep such gatherings intimate and close-knit. 14 stills can be booked to accommodate a maximum of 28 guests comfortably.

Tours and talks

Tour, Talk & Taste

Come and visit us at Nelson’s Distillery for a 2-hour Distillery Tour, Talk and Tasting Session.

Allow us to accompany you on a leisurely stroll through our world-class distillery, find out more about our special processes during our talks, and learn how to make Gin and Vodka. Learn about the different Botanicals which you can use to create different tastes during the Gin-making process.

Following on from the Distillery Tour and Talk, you will get to taste 3 different Nelson’s products, while learning about the difference of each taste and flavour.

Our Distillery Tours are available to book on the last Saturday of each month, starting at 4pm.

tours & talks itinerary

The tour will run for 2 hours maximum for 60 guests.

See Tour Booking Mechanics*

2 hours.

Guests: Min 10 – Max 60

Nelson’s Gin Vodka Tours & Talks Booking Mechanics:

  1. Price is fixed at £20 per person, with a minimum of 10 people per booking.
  2. Total capacity accomodates a total of 60 people.
  3. Ideally, booking should be done 14 days in advance in order to prevent any confusion.
  4. Immediately inform management of any food allergies and preferred products to be enjoyed at your party.
  5. Basic provision includes a Tour of the Distillery and Gin School, talk about Nelson’s and our products, sampling of Nelson’s Distillery products.

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