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A Truly Unique Partnership

Nelson's Gin team

Neil Harrison

Master Distiller

Nelson’s Gin was created by one man – Neil Harrison. In a world wherein craft gins proliferate, Neil was certain that he had both the vision and the palate to create a distinct and exceptional gin.

With a Masters in Culinary Arts and having worked extensively in a 2 Michelin star restaurant, Neil knew that a pleasing and memorable tasting experience depends on the combination of many factors – from an inspired balance of flavours to presentation, context, and the all-too-elusive creation of ambience; the vital ingredient which owes more to alchemy than any kind of practicality. Neil combined his years of expertise and refined palate from the food industry to develop an exclusive range of award-winning gins.

Nelson’s Gin is made in small batches, to be enjoyed by those who appreciate its life-affirming qualities. It is the only gin made with the influence of a sophisticated 21st-century version of a ‘cottage industry’ along the borders of Derbyshire and Staffordshire. With Neil’s creativity and dedication, Nelson’s Distillery has yet again produced award-winning Rum and Vodka, delivering exceptional quality and unique flavours not found anywhere else in the world.

As a connoisseur of an amazing gin, he started his own Gin and Vodka School. He wanted to share his knowledge and let others experience the joy of creating their own personal Gin whilst gaining an education in the history and the fine art of Gin-making.

Nelson’s Gin and Vodka school has won many tourism awards since its establishment; and by 2020, it is ready to embark on a global roll-out in major cities across the world.

Neil Harrison
Mark Chambers

Mark Chambers

Group CEO

Mark has influenced the world media business with his 30-year expertise in the field of digital content. He had successfully established global technology businesses both privately-owned and for private equity investors.

When the connoisseur meets the techie tycoon – Mark and Neil’s partnership is both unique and complementary in its own way. Neil creates world-class spirit combined in a unique swirl of flavours, while Mark brings the creative world of international brands through digital content and social media. This collaboration ensures that Nelson’s amazing product portfolio gets into the hands, and taste buds, of a global audience.

A lasting partnership to conquer the media world and have everyone enjoy the experience with every rich and flavourful drop of the spirits.

Find out how we began our story

Nelson’s Gin School is a learning, teaching and tasting academy for connoisseurs of gin or those who simply wish to know more. Their day is spent learning about the creation of gin, where students get to make their own bottle.

Here’s a video to take you on a gincredible journey, find out how we began ours.

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