Our Signature Blend Rum and Roasted Pineapple Rum have been featured as Master of Malt’s “new product of the week”.

The Signature Blend Rum from Nelson’s Distillery, which marries three rums from undisclosed distilleries in Barbados, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. These are then aged in oak barrels for three years imbuing the spirit with notes of vanilla, espresso, tropical fruit and herbs. After ageing, the is whacked into the trademark  white opaque Nelson’s bottles.

Alongside the Signature Blend, there is also the Roasted Pineapple Rum. For the fruity expression the same base is used, also aged in oak for three years, though after that some tasty natural pineapple extract is then added. With notes of tangy pineapple, BBQ and caramel, we couldn’t think of a better spirit to try out some summery tiki cocktails with, or even just a simple Daiquiri.


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