Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a voucher?

Similar to a gift certificate, gift check or coupon, a voucher can be used to avail of special discounts or promos on products and bookings for transactions with Nelson’s Distillery as indicated on its description.

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Please Note: Vouchers are valid for 12 months and cannot be extended.

2. How can I use my voucher?

Vouchers may be used to avail of special discounts or promos with Nelson’s Distillery as indicated on its description.

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3. Can I use one voucher for two transactions? Or 2 vouchers for 1 transaction?

No, only one voucher may be used per transaction.

4. Can I opt to book a class/party/tour with a voucher instead of cash?

A class may be booked with the use of a voucher. Parties and tours may only be booked with cash.

5. Is a voucher transferable?

Yes, you have the option to send it to another person as a gift voucher. Simply enter his/her name, e-mail and an accompanying gift message upon proceeding with this transaction.

6. Is a voucher cancellable?

Yes, but you may instead opt to transfer this to another person so that it does not go to waste. Cancelling a voucher will result in the complete forfeiture of its use and value. Cancellations of bookings to re-book will also incur a £20 re-booking fee.

7. Is a voucher refundable?

No, vouchers are not refundable or extendable.

All cancelled Gin School bookings throughout the COVID-19 closure have all been given an extended voucher code, no refunds will be issued.

8. What if my voucher was issued by a third party provider such as Red Letter?

You will need to visit Nelson’s Distillery and present the voucher in person. We will, then, replace it with a new voucher code for you to use.

9. Can I make a last-minute booking?

For cases such as this, kindly email our General Manager & Accounts – enquiries@nelsonsdistillery.co.uk.

10. Why do I need to state my food allergies?

It is important for any medical conditions to be brought to our attention in order to prevent any discomfort and harm in our guests. Before proceeding with any event, we must ensure that all concerns are communicated and monitored to allow for a truly smooth and enjoyable experience at Nelson’s Distillery.

11. What are stills?

A still is an apparatus which performs all the processes in the distillation process (heating, boiling and cooling), then dispenses your gin for you to enjoy when it is ready. The stills you can book with Nelson’s Distillery are much smaller for casual social consumption. These are easily placed atop wooden countertops for convenient access while seated during our parties/classes.

Each still can only make 1 bottle of Gin or Vodka.


12. What is a single, shared and mixed still?

A single still is good for one person while a shared still is good for two people. A mixed still simply means that both a single still and a shared still has been booked.

13. Do you allow product order cancellation?

There will be NO REFUND once the product has been shipped.

14. Can I pay via bank deposit, cash or installments?

Purchases and bookings made through our website can only accommodate debit and credit card payments under MasterCard and Visa. Any other payments can be processed through our Stripe and PayPal accounts.

15. Do you accept on-site/walk-in payments via credit card, eWallets for on-site charges?

For now, we only accept online payments via our Stripe account. We also have a PayPal payment option in case you opt for that instead.

Gin & Vodka School Experience Booking Mechanics:

  1. Select your preferred location.
  2. Click to select the total number of stills you will be needing from our selection. (There are a total of 14 stills which can accommodate at total of 28 people. These can be any combination of single stills and/or shared stills.)
  3. Prices for your selected stills will appear on your booking overview.
  4. Available dates will be displayed on our booking calendar. (Booking must be done at least 7 days in advance.)
  5. On the desktop, you may mouse-hover available calendar dates to view the number of available stills per day.
  6. Click on your chosen date.
    1. Your booking overview will now display the cost breakdown, voucher code (if applicable), and the total amount to pay.
    2. Note: Weekend rates are priced higher than weekday rates.
  7. Enter all necessary information to finalise payment.
    1. Personal Contact Details
    2. Special Requests – Food allergies, preferred products, decor, sound system, etc.
    3. Card Details
  8. A confirmation e-mail recapping your booking details will be sent to you once it has been successfully processed.
  9. See you soon!

Parties Booking Mechanics:

  1. Ideally, booking should be done 14 days in advance in order to prevent any confusion.
  2. There must be a minimum of 10 attendees in order for a booking to push through.
  3. Total capacity is at 14 stills for 28 people all in all.
  4. Immediately inform the management of any food allergies and preferred products to be enjoyed at your party.
  5. Basic provision includes 14 stills with Nelson’s products that are good for a maximum of 28 people.

Tours & Talks Booking Mechanics:

  1. Price is fixed at £20 per person, with a minimum of 10 people per booking.
  2. Maximum capacity accommodates a total of 60 people.
  3. Ideally, booking should be done 14 days in advance in order to prevent any confusion.
  4. Immediately inform the management of any food allergies and preferred products to be enjoyed at your party.
  5. Basic provision includes a Tour of the Distillery and Gin School, Talk about Nelson’s and our products, sampling of Nelson’s Distillery products.

Additional Booking Information:

What is the policy for booking cancellation?

Under extreme circumstances, we do allow booking cancellations with a refund. Otherwise, we decline any cancellation requests.

When can I cancel a booking with a refund?

The maximum time allowed for a refunded booking cancellation is within 48 hours after an event is booked. We will charge a £20 fee in case you choose to re-book an event. Failure to show up for scheduled booking will result in automatic forfeiture of payment.

Is there a refund policy for cancellation?

We DO NOT offer any refund for Gin school bookings and vouchers. If a voucher is used, and you wish to re-book, your voucher will no longer be valid. However, we do allow a refunded cancellation within 48 hours of booking, in the form of a voucher. We will re-issue a new voucher that is £20 less than the original, then a £20 fee will be charged when you re-book.

How will the £20 rebooking fee be collected?

If you wish to cancel within 48 hours of booking, we will issue a new voucher that is £20 less value than the original. Once you re-book, you will then have to pay the £20 charge.

For rebooking concerns and any other inquiries, you may send us an email at accounts@nelsondistillery.co.uk or you may directly contact our General Manager & Accounts – enquiries@nelsonsdistillery.co.uk.

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