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The Gin & Vodka School Experience



The Gin & Vodka School Experience Day Starts At 10.00am With Coffee.

Following an introduction to the day, students relax with a G&T or V&T, then begin to learn about the process of making gin and are invitied to ask questions.

Armed with insight, students reveal the botanicals and flavours for use in their own gin or vodka.

At 12.00pm, the process of distilling commences. Each student has their own mini-still in which to work.

At 1.30pm, there is a break for a leisurely lunch and at approximately 2.30pm a tour around our main still (called 'Victory').

By 3.00pm, students begin to bottle and label their own gin or vodka and may, if wished, buy a bottle of Nelson's Gin for comparison.

The day draws to a natural close.