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Nelson's Distillery & School Ltd.

5a Grindley Business Village, Grindley, Uttoxeter ST18 0LR

Open Monday – Friday 9-3pm

For sales enquiries please contact us here:
e. sales@nelsonsdistillery.co.uk

e. accounts@nelsonsdistillery.co.uk
t. 07377448004
(Finance Assistant – Jessica Green)

e. marketing@nelsonsdistillery.co.uk
t. 07939 839105
(Marketing and Social Manager – Megan Russell)

e. enquiries@nelsonsdistillery.co.uk
t. 07939 839105 | 07879247112 | 07377448004
(General Enquires)

Nelson’s Distillery & School Ltd.

5a, Grindley Business Village, 5A,

Uttoxeter, Staffordshire ST18 0LR

Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme
AWRS: XTAW 000 0011 3856


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