3 Gins & 2 Rums Awarded: Nelson’s Takes 2021 Great Taste By Storm

The Great Taste Awards is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drinks award.

With a panel of over 500 experts, consisting of chefs, buyers, food writers, and retailers, receiving an accolade on your product is recognized as a highly-respected seal of approval across the industry.

The 3-Star accolade is the highest award given each year. Out of 14,113 entries, only 1.5% of products manage to achieve this rating.

Apart from our Timur Gin’s highest 3-star accolade, we have also been awarded 1-star accolades for the London Dry Gin, Gluggle Jug Gin, Chocolate Rum, and Sherry Cask Rum!

Read on for Nelson’s detailed panellist reviews.


“Timur pepper lovers will not be disappointed; those yet to 

experience it may well be converted.”

Great Taste Judge

Sweet spices and citrus find their way through in the 

finish creating a diverse and interesting character. 

We felt that everything was well married together.

Great Taste Judge

“Inviting citrus and cardamom aroma. A lovely and smooth gin – 

quite a bit of heat, but a good level of citrus, aromatic 

cardamom and a hint of sweetness to create balance.”


 “A really interesting rum, with clever use of the ingredients.


 “A pleasingly complex nose of vanilla, oak, spice, and perhaps

 that touch of sherry cask leads to a reasonably smooth

palate with a touch of sherry cask on the palate.

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3-Star Great Taste Awarded: Nelson’s Timur Gin Does It Again!

Nelson’s proud, one-of-a-kind Timur Gin has once again been recognized for its outstanding quality and flavour!

From a whopping 14,113 entries, only 1.5% of participating products manage to achieve the 3-star Great Taste award.

We are now also being considered for a Golden Fork, which recognises the very top regional winners.

This prestigious award is also internationally supported by huge PR campaigns all over the world.

The future looks promising with our Timur, and we hope it continues to turn heads and impress as the years go by.