Black Friday Black Spirit Offer: Win A One-Year Supply of Nelson’s Spirits!

To ready up for the upcoming Black Friday, Nelson’s has the most exciting Black Spirit offer just for you!

From today until the end of November, each 70cl bottle of our spirits you purchase gives you the chance to win an entire year’s supply of Nelson’s!

How will you know if you’re our lucky winner? If by chance, the bottle you’ve purchased contains our winning Black Spirit of course!

Watch this video prepared by our Founder and Master Distiller, Neil Harrison, explaining exactly how this works:

Nelson’s Founder and Master Distiller, Neil Harrison, on our Black Friday Black Spirit Offer.

So upon receiving your order, pour out a good amount of your Nelson’s gin, rum, or vodka into a clear glass, and if the liquid comes out coloured black (thanks to our natural food colouring), then it’s time to celebrate!

Our lucky winner will receive a FREE bottle of Nelson’s every month throughout the year 2021!

A unique code will also be printed onto the winning bottle to help Nelson’s verify the winner and make the necessary arrangements for deliveries.

This special offer begins now and ends when the winning bottle is ordered, and the winner reveals himself!

The more orders you place, and in more varieties, the higher chances you have of winning.

May luck be on your side!